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    Welcome to the World of inspiring thoughts on various aspects of Life which may be known but Over-looked or Forgotten in the race of Runs in reaching the Desired Targets & Fulfilling the Dear Wishes somehow. Wishes do have the Special Place & be the driving force of all the Activities undertaken. But even if we do our Might, we can’t rise above the Plans of Destiny! However, we shouldn’t get discouraged & perform our share of Duty with Smile.

    We can be sure that “No Good Deeds are Ever Lost” & “Nothing escapes His Eyes”. Life is a Precious Gift of God to be enjoyed & utilized in doing something creative & constructive for self and also for the benefit of service to Mankind. This may save us from the likely Regrets at the Time of Leaving the Life!

I hope you will be happy to read and share the flavor of my spiritual thoughts behind the writings on each page.

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