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Face to Face talk

       Posted on 25th December 2013

Unknown future planning

       Posted on 2nd July 2012

Never share vital things

      Posted on 22nd June 2012

Terrible effect of beating

      Posted on 9th May 2012

Am too busy

        Posted on 5th March 2012

Envy not if exist peace

      Posted on 11th December 2011

Appear simple but not silly

      Posted on 18th September 2011

Fume of anger burn you first

      Posted on 12th September 2011

Unwise hide truth

      Posted on 13th July 2011

Health is wealth

      Posted on 12th July 2011

Wrongful person worship

      Posted on 15th June 2011

Vacant Chair

      Posted on 10th April 2011

Value of time

      Posted on 16th January 2011

May fail but not defeated

      Posted on 31st December 2010

Best to speak your mind

      Posted on 21st November 2010

Is life what you think is

      Posted on 17th October 2010

Good & bad omen belief

      Posted on 29th September 2010 

Wrong connection of people

      Posted on 26th September 2010

If wish live happy

        Posted on 5th March 2009

Hurting Restrictions in Life
          Posted on: 4th January 2009

Tempting look of Hope-Toy
          Posted on: 27th December 2008

Missing reveal Importance
          Posted on: 7th December 2008

Worth of moral Obligations
          Posted on: 26th October 2008

Discard heavy emotional luggage
          Posted on: 17th October 2008

Why do people Fight
          Posted on: 24th April 2008

Everything happen for Reasons
          Posted on: 28th July 2007

Fantasy World
          Posted on: 23rd July 2007

Voice & Sound Message
          Posted on: 17th May 2007

Everything is a Deal
          Posted on: 8th November 2006

Face Masking
          Posted on: 6th September 2006

Life of Senior Citizens
          Posted on: 17th May 2006

Familiarity breed Disregard
          Posted on: 4th March 2006

Trust confusion
          Posted on: 12th February 2006

Might is Right
          Posted on: 19th December 2005

Fruitful Decisions
          Posted on: 24th March 2005

Rewarding Awards
          Posted on: 7th March 2005

Waves of Urgency
          Posted on: 2nd March 2005

Torment of Punishments
          Posted on: 21st November 2004

Unknown Happening
          Posted on: 21st October 2004

Roads of Crimes
          Posted on: 30th September 2004

Cost of Mistakes
          Posted on: 26th September 2004

Life of Lies
         Posted on: 16th August 2004

Fate of Forced Favors
          Posted on: 20th July 2004

Reflective Rules of Respect
          Posted on: 29th June 2004

Scarcity of Time
          Posted on: 19th June 2004

Please to Please
          Posted on: 19th June 2004

Puppet show
          Posted on: 12th June 2004

Positive Thinking
          Posted on: 20th May 2004

Search of Happiness
          Posted on: 19th May 2004

Range of Hurts
          Posted on: 19th May 2004

Fears Watching
          Posted on: 19th May 2004

Value of Promise
          Posted on: 19th May 2004

Place of communication
          Posted on: 18th May 2004

Inspiration of life
          Posted on: 18th May 2004

Beauty of Attachments
          Posted on: 18th May 2004