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Value of communication

         Posted on 4th October 2015


Sweet smile

        Posted on 2nd October 2015


Life is luck game

        Posted on 29th September 2015


Bitter tongue

     Posted on 5th September 2015


Gift of mind bless

      Posted on 5th September 2015


Valuable gift

   Posted on 8th June 2014


Worthless worry

          Posted on 11th January 2014


Memory stay forever

         Posted on 6th January 2014


Only supreme I

       Posted on 4th January 2014


Life Journey

Posted on 10th November 2013

Reputation status

        Posted on 31st March 2012

Your loving memory

      Posted on 14th December 2011

Life is very precious

      Posted on 21st November 2011

Priority feel tend change

      Posted on 5th November 2011

Joking effect

      Posted on 24th September 2011

Feeling of self importance

      Posted on 9th August 2011

Signal of forthcoming reality

       Posted on 29th July 2011

Regard dignity of others

      Posted on 1st July 2011

Burning desire work wonder

      Posted on 27th June 2011

Liking likely to change

      Posted on 1st June 2011

Happy Birthday 

      Posted on 11th May 2011

When I look at sky  

      Posted on 10th May 2011

Why you have gone away

      Posted on 16th February 2011

I always remember you

      Posted on 22nd January 2011

I hold you dear

      Posted on 17th January 2011

Walk with Time 

      Posted on 19th December 2010

Life is bitter & also sweet

      Posted on 11th December 2010

Fate help only fighter

      Posted on 11th November 2010

Learning from failures

      Posted on 15th October 2010

My sweet home

      Posted on 17th September 2010

The mind wanders

      Posted on 8th September 2010

Please forgive me

     Posted on 22nd August 2010 

What may happen is good

      Posted on 19th August 2010

When expect blissful moment

      Posted on 9th August 2010

Pray while peaceful mind

      Posted on 29th July 2010

Suspicions spoil the life

      Posted on 13th July 2010

Can never sail upon two ships

      Posted on 02nd July 2010

Wise to avoid enmity

      Posted on 25th June 2010

Most difficult things of life

      Posted on 19th June 2010

Helpless help own enemy

      Posted on 13th June 2010

Shouting express own feels

      Posted on 10th June 2010

Wise to act in time

      Posted on 1st John 2010

Attachment make happy & hurt too

     Posted on 27th may 2010

World worship successful ones

      Posted on 22nd May 2010

What is in a Name

      Posted on 4th May 2010

We are puppets of destiny

      Posted on 27th April 2010

Truth is stranger than fiction

      Posted on 14th April 2010

Desire of wishful wishes

      Posted on 11th April 2010

Lost chance be missed the bus

      Posted on 5th April 2010

Taste of advice

      Posted on 22nd March 2010

If feel right way in life

      Posted on 14th March 2010

Strange reality of life

     Posted on 8th March 2010

Accept change feel as best

      Posted on 3rd march 2010

I like live today

      Posted on 27th February 2010

Just a ray of hope

      Posted on 24th February 2010

I have sent my wish

      Posted on 18th February 2010

Own view make life nice or sad

      Posted on 9th February 2010

Wise not live superstition myth

      Posted on 3rd February 2010

Crying wolf how bad habit

      Posted on 31st January 2010

Hidden ugly faces of crafty

      Posted on 25th January 2010

Blessings in disguise

      Posted on 25th January 2010

Old age - bliss or misery

      Posted on 16th January 2010

How hard admit mistake

      Posted on 3rd January 2010

Unaware life Entry & Exit time

      Posted on 30th December 2009

Not easy enjoy own rights

      Posted on 21st December 2009

Confidence power

      Posted on 7th December 2009

What a life anomaly

         Posted on 4th December 2009

Money fail buy everything

     Posted on 1st December 2009

Live own life lot with Smiles

      Posted on 25th November 2009

Will sail together well

      Posted on 7th November 2009

I know this moment is mine

      Posted on 29th October 2009

Its absence & not presence value

         Posted on 19th October 2009

Wonderful dream World

      Posted on 11th October 2009

Impact of someone Say

      Posted on 1st October 2009

You are my world

      Posted on 25th September 2009

Why think forgive offenders

      Posted on 22nd September 2009

Small action of big value

     Posted on 14th September 2009

Matter of opted choice

      Posted on 14th September 2009

Why you seem displease

      Posted on 3rd September 2009

What you think see happen

      Posted on 30th august 2009

When hear phone ring

      Posted on 19th August 2009

Talking to self

      Posted on 16th August 2009

Someday everything be useless

     Posted on 13th August 2009

Smile away your Pain

     Posted on 3rd August 2009

Self control

        Posted on 26th July 2009

When one look laughingstock

      Posted on 17th July 2009 

Overlooked kind Favours

         Posted on 13th July 2009

Essential believe in self

      Posted on 5th July 2009

Crucial Decisions

      Posted on 1st July 2009

Easy blame modest

      Posted on 24th June 2009

If can hear me

        Posted on 22nd June 2009

Need accept one as Is

        Posted on 18th June 2009

Faultfinding habit

        Posted on 31sy May 2009

Influence of Superstition

        Posted on 10th April 2009

How bad if Thankless

        Posted on 5th April 2009

Be too good no good

        Posted on 18th March 2009

Workaholic people

      Posted on 15th March 2009

Peace of mind

     Posted on 13th March 2009

Matter of importance

     Posted on 7th March 2009

Blind faith

     Posted on 1st March 2009

Power Play

     Posted on 27th February 2009

Lucky Soul-mates

        Posted on 5th February 2009

Nothing is Impossible

     Posted on 1st February 2009

My kind Teacher

        Posted on 29th January 2009

Fair skin Mania

        Posted on 23rd January 2009

What a life way

        Posted on 20th January2009

Music magic

      Posted on 17th January 2009

ways to pass the buck

          Posted on 15th January 2009

Sake of Name & Fame in Life

      Posted on 11th January 2009

False Promises

      Posted on 11th January 2009

Hidden Enemy

      Posted on 11th January 2009

How queer indeed

      Posted on 11th January 2009

Tenacity of Tolerance

      Posted on 11th January 2009


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