Index of Old Poems

(These Poems have been published in my book entitled "Inspiring Poems about Life")

Luck is Funny
          Posted on: 31st December 2008

Anything for You
          Posted on: 1st December 2008

Show business Sinks
          Posted on: 18th November 2008

Silence amounts to Speech
          Posted on: 2nd November 2008

Endless greed feels
          Posted on: 27th October 2008

Conscious rings the Bell
          Posted on: 25th October 2008

Crazy prayers of Students
          Posted on: 10th October 2008

Wise live Today
          Posted on: 6th October 2008

Amazing Bliss for me
          Posted on: 4th August 2008

Love is Divine
          Posted on: 1st August 2008

When God in dilemma
          Posted on: 28th July 2008

Patient ways bless wishes
          Posted on: 28th July 2008

When God saw His images
          Posted on: 12th April 2008

Have got no time please…..
          Posted on: 7th April 2008

Fluctuating state of Feelings
          Posted on: 5th April 2008

Queer battle prove just matters
          Posted on: 2nd April 2008

Hurting attitude of suspicious
          Posted on: 15th March 2008

Poor Self-appointed Guardians
          Posted on: 4th March 2008

Why are you worrying
          Posted on: 25th February 2008

Message for Fate of Destiny
          Posted on: 17th February 2008

Money may supersede feeling
          Posted on: 11th January 2008

If overestimate self state
          Posted on: 4th January 2008

If love make Friends
          Posted on: 28th December 2007

Regards only be Commanded
          Posted on: 25th December 2007

Art of Happy Living
          Posted on: 23rd December 2007

Be worthy claim wishes
          Posted on: 19th December 2007

Amazing Bank of God 
          Posted on: 16th December 2007

Feel magic when say sorry
          Posted on: 14th December 2007

I have endless patience
          Posted on: 12th December 2007

Think as you Please
          Posted on: 11th December 2007

Worst enemy is Worry
          Posted on: 9th December 2007

Change is natural Law
          Posted on: 7th December 2007

Where find happiness
          Posted on: 2nd December 2007

Look at expected facts
          Posted on: 30th November 2007

Sad be a Book on shelf
          Posted on: 26th November 2007

Strange ways of Life
          Posted on: 25th November 2007

When emotions run high
          Posted on: 18th November 2007

Reality of Rosy Picture 
          Posted on: 17th November 2007

Its night again to bless
          Posted on: 8th November 2007

Hoping against Hopes
          Posted on: 5th November 2007

Success Key
          Posted on: 3rd November 2007

I know that well
          Posted on: 29th October 2007

May you Feel
          Posted on: 24th October 2007

Your sweet memory
          Posted on: 19th October 2007

Finding desired Gift
          Posted on: 17th October 2007

Fate can only test me
          Posted on: 15th October 2007

Will be with You
          Posted on: 13th October 2007

Fate of the Desires
          Posted on: 11th October 2007

My feels for you
          Posted on: 9th October 2007

Heart Department
          Posted on: 1st October 2007

Grab even little delight
          Posted on: 27th September 2007

Your loving Eyes
          Posted on: 24th September 2007

Learn accept own Life
          Posted on: 22nd September 2007

Life is Beautiful
          Posted on: 13th September 2007

Wish be own Boss
          Posted on: 9th September 2007

You are Mine
          Posted on: 7th September 2007

See how I Suffer
          Posted on: 7th September 2007

How versatile Excuses
          Posted on: 4th September 2007

I am not Alone
          Posted on: 1st September 2007

Game choice of Fate
          Posted on: 31st August 2007

Wishful Thinking
          Posted on: 29th August 2007

I miss You
          Posted on: 22nd August 2007

May be in Love
          Posted on: 21st August 2007

Follow your Wishes
          Posted on: 14th August 2007

Emotional Expressions
          Posted on: 9th August 2007

Amazing Hug
          Posted on: 6th August 2007

How valuable Teeth
          Posted on: 5th August 2007

Silence is Golden
          Posted on: 30th July 2007

Hold on for a while
          Posted on: 26th July 2007

Self Telling Feelings
          Posted on: 12th July 2007

Love is Life
          Posted on: 7th July 2007

Lucky You
          Posted on: 5th July 2007

Tongue Freedom
          Posted on: 2nd July 2007

Salutation to Doctors
          Posted on: 26th June 2007

Thank you from the Roses
          Posted on: 5th June 2007

Painful Regrets
          Posted on: 4th June 2007

Just One Word
          Posted on: 9th May 2007

Agony of missed Blesses
          Posted on: 27th April 2007

Be Positive
          Posted on: 14th April 2007

Live like a Lion
          Posted on: 12th April 2007

Life is Like That
          Posted on: 15th March 2007

Illusory Positions
          Posted on: 12th March 2007

Chance of Correct Option
          Posted on: 11th February 2007

If Wishes be Horses
          Posted on: 11th February 2007

Suffering lead Solution
          Posted on: 27th January 2007

Sleepless Nights
          Posted on: 11th November 2006

Regards Follow Strength
          Posted on: 3rd November 2006

Silent Expressions Speak
          Posted on: 13th September 2006

Birthday Wish for Angel
          Posted on: 23rd April 2006

Gift Exchange
          Posted on: 9th January 2006

Grace of Give & Take
          Posted on: 24th December 2005

Place of Small Things
          Posted on: 16th December 2005

Shine Stars Shine
          Posted on: 10th February 2005

Flame of Anger
          Posted on: 28th January 2005

Grace of Forgiveness
          Posted on: 15th January 2005

Will Visualize Ways
          Posted on: 13th December 2004

Money Powers
          Posted on: 7th December 2004

Negative Mind
          Posted on: 25th November 2004

Uncertain Positions
          Posted on: 15th November 2004

Crystal Dreams
          Posted on: 2nd November 2004

Deceiving Destiny
          Posted on: 29th October 2004

Self Respect
          Posted on: 10th September 2004

Lone Souls
          Posted on: 3rd September 2004

Price Code
          Posted on: 23rd August 2004

          Posted on: 9th August 2004

Ego Outlooks
          Posted on: 31st July 2004

Selection of Choice
          Posted on: 20th July 2004

Tale of Tears
          Posted on: 26th June 2004

Salient of Seekers Plight
          Posted on: 10th June 2004

Mysterious Spells
          Posted on: 20th May 2004

          Posted on: 20th May 2004

Path of Devotion
          Posted on: 20th May 2004

Logic Ways
          Posted on: 20th May 2004

Insecurity Feelings
          Posted on: 20th May 2004

          Posted on: 20th May 2004

Dreams Vision
          Posted on: 20th May 2004

Wonder Work of Smile
          Posted on: 19th May 2004

Journey of Waiting
          Posted on: 19th May 2004

Limits of Labels
          Posted on: 19th May 2004

Mind Waves Move
          Posted on: 19th May 2004

Divine Soul!
          Posted on: 19th May 2004

Precious Gifts of Life
          Posted on: 19th May 2004

Invisible Timer
          Posted on: 19th May 2004

          Posted on: 19th May 2004

          Posted on: 19th May 2004

Clock-back Wishes
          Posted on: 19th May 2004

Charm of Feelings
          Posted on: 19th May 2004

Play of Fate!
          Posted on: 18th May 2004